Frequently Asked Questions


How much is it to hire Frew & Co?

We try to cater for all budgets and we have a range of options to suit your bespoke event. Prices generally start at around £875 for 3 hours of unlimited ice cream rolls. You can even have our branded deck chairs and parasols to create a beautiful setting for your guests to enjoy. You can have our famous “Topping Station” for a fee of £150 where guests can add their own sauces, squirty cream and all sorts of toppings such as flakes, sprinkles, fudge and smarties to name a few.

Our fully inclusive catering service is a fantastic addition to your event as it brings a super fun, captivating and memorable entertainment experience to your guests, making it real value for money.

We can provide extras for a fee, such as bespoke branding for the cart and ice cream tubs, or vegan ice cream or alcohol-infused ice cream.

There is a travel surcharge, starting from our location in South London. This means if you’re located in SE England it’s not much at all. However events much further afield are more to cover our costs. More info is included in the next question below.

Head to our book us page to request a price for your special day.

Do you have a shop? Where do you serve your rolled ice cream?

We don’t have a shop (yet!). We can only serve our delicious ice cream rolls when we’re hired for your event and we come to your venue. We serve our rolled ice cream at private booked events such as weddings and corporate events all over the UK (and sometimes abroad!)

We’ve created our tasty ice rolls in some of the most prestigious and grand venues in the country, all the way through to people’s homes, hired bars and unique festivals. We love bringing excitement and flavour to every corner of the country.

We apply a travel surcharge from the London postcode of SE5. This means that events located far away from London will cost a little bit more. Here’s a breakdown of how our travel surcharge works:

– There is a 50p per mile charge, each way, from the London postcode SE5 to your venue.

– If the distance is above 100miles (as the crow flies), then there is an additional charge of £150 to cover accommodation and sustenance for the staff.

– If the distance is above 200miles (as the crow flies), then we’ll calculate a special charge for you.

– If this is all too complicated, don’t worry, find out the exact cost by requesting a quote for your event and we’ll do it for you.

– If you’re on the edge of the 100mile distance, still get in touch and we’ll see if we need to apply the additional charge.

To find out the exact cost, request a quote for your event.

What flavours can I have?

This is the really fun part! The choice of flavours is truly endless. We have some of our crowd-pleasing classics such as Oreo & Nutella, or Eton Mess which is a real refreshing fruity beauty. All the way through to naughty ones like Bailey’s & Ferrero Rocher, or Strawberry Cheesecake where we use a real slice of cheesecake. We can do old classics like Vanilla or Chocolate, but our concept allows you to get a bit more excited with fun combinations.

We’ll send over a list of our recommended flavours when you request a quote.

You can of course get creative and dream up your own flavours. This can make your event even more unique!

To ensure your guests have an easy time of choosing their flavour, we recommend selecting 3 or 4 flavours for your event. More than that and it can get a bit difficult for them and it slows down the serving time. We’ll have a bespoke menu board made just for your event, making it clear what’s on offer (You can keep the menu after the event and hang it on your bedroom wall!)

How big are your ice cream portion sizes?

We ensure all your guests are left feeling completely satisfied. We serve our ice cream rolls in a 4oz espresso cup sized tub. Remember, they can still add more toppings and sauces from the included “Topping Station”! Check out some examples below.

We offer unlimited ice cream with all our bookings so guests have a chance to come back and try all the flavours on the menu. Trust us, your guests will be so excited they’ll be wanting to try every one!

We can serve larger sized portions in an 8oz ice cream tub. As it takes longer to serve each person, we will require additional ice pans and staff to ensure all are served. If you would like a quote for the larger 8oz portions please inform us in the notes when requesting a quote.


I have special dietary requirements for my guests, can you cater for them?

We can usually cater for any dietary requirements of your guests. We can offer full services of vegan, dairy free, Kosher, Halal and gluten free options for example. Please let us know of any requirements when requesting a quote.

If any of your guests have allergies, we will do our best to cater for them. We encourage them to visit our ice cream stand as the first guests so the ice pan hasn’t been in contact with their allergens. We cannot guarantee the ice pan and our ingredients are completely free from all allergens such as nuts, as we use these ingredients on the ice pan regularly. Please speak to us about your unique requirements and we’ll ensure we can cater for you the best we can.

What makes Frew & Co the best when it comes to rolled ice cream events?

Don’t just ask us, ask the many satisfied clients who have left glowing testimonials of our ice cream rolls! Click here.

Or you can get an idea of our work with the millions of views on our social media, including on Facebook and Instagram

You won’t find anyone else who takes more pride in offering luxury ice cream rolls and entertainment than us. We work with our clients closely from the beginning to ensure their bespoke event goes better than they could ever have expected. Rest assured that you will get a professional service from the experts who have worked in the catering industry for many years.

Do you have public liability insurance and what is your food hygiene rating?

As a professional catering business we have comprehensive public liability insurance of £5m and the highest hygiene rating available. You can see our hygiene rating at the Food Standards website here. We also use the highest quality equipment made in Europe. If you require any documents don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How many guests can you cater for? How many ice pans do you bring with you and how fast can you serve guests?

We’ve served our delicious ice rolls to parties of just 20, all the way up to 500 people. There’s no event too big or small where we can’t bring excitement and tasty creamy goodness.

We can serve 4 guests every 3 minutes on 1 ice pan. This means we can serve around 75 guests in 1 hour. Look at our serving times below to work out how fast we can serve all the guests in your party.

If you have a large number of guests (175 and more) then we recommend having more ice pans to ensure we can serve all guests in the allotted time and in a timely manner without having to queue.

Our prices start with 3 hours of unlimited ice cream. You can have us for shorter although it will be the same price.

If you would like advice on how many ice pans is suitable, we’ll be more than happy to advise you, so get in touch here.

1 hour2 hours3 hours4 hours
Single Ice Pan50 – 75 Portions100 – 150 Portions150 – 225 Portions200 – 300 Portions
Two Ice Pans100 – 150 Portions200 – 300 Portions300 – 450 Portions400 – 600 Portions
Three Ice Pans150 – 225 Portions300 – 450 Portion450 – 675 Portions600 – 900 Portions
Please rotate to landscape mode or view on a larger screen to see serving times.

*Approx. figures.  Please get in touch if you’re unsure what suits you best.


I would like bespoke branding on the ice cream cart and the ice cream tubs, what can you do?

Customisation and making your event truly unique is what we’re the best at. Not only can we do a totally bespoke menu for you, but we can apply your name or brand on the ice cream tubs, the ice cream cart and even to edible wafer discs. Check out some examples below.

You will need to provide the artwork for your branding. We can supply the artwork guides, just request the documents from us. We have contacts with graphic designers so we can put you in touch if you need any assistance!

There is a charge for branding depending on what’s required. Get in touch with details of your event and we’ll get you looking the part.

Can you do vegan ice cream rolls?

Absolutely! As far as we’re aware, we’re the only ones who can!

We can make your event totally vegan friendly. There is a £50 charge for having the vegan option, as the vegan ice cream mix we use is premium quality stuff. If you have more than 1 ice pan (for large events) then we charge £50 per ice pan.

We can also cater for dairy-free, Kosher and Halal events to name a few. Get in touch and let us know your requirements.

Is your equipment certified and safe?

You may have heard about some of the horror stories of the cheap equipment from the far east which is ugly and breaks down. We know, as we had that same experience years ago when we first started out! Sadly, there’s a lot of that equipment around as its so cheap, so please be careful.

Back in 2016 we went on a mission to find the highest quality equipment which was safe, worked flawlessly and importantly looked attractive.

Our professional ice cream roll equipment is manufactured in the EU to strict regulations and we have all the regulatory and PAT certificates to prove it. Its regularly maintained and we welcome you to speak to the industry experts if you’re at all worried about the standards of equipment.

No one else can offer the highest aesthetic standards for an ice cream stand, plus we can make it completely unique to your event with your own branding if you wish! Don’t compromise for your special day.

What is alcohol-infused ice cream rolls and how much is it?

It’s for adults only and it’s super naughty! We can whip-up real alcohol laced ice cream rolls using proper measures of your favourite beverage.

Think of Bailey’s & Ferrero Rocher, or Amarreto & Cherry Bakewell tart! What about Gin, Elderflower & Raspberry? They’re so tasty and so unique!

We’ve used champagne, whiskey and rum to name just a few. Have you got a favourite cocktail which reminds you of the day you got engaged? Let us know and we’ll knock up a recipe.

There is a £50 charge for the option of having alcohol-infused ice cream. If you have a large event and use more than 1 ice pan, then we charge £50 per ice pan.

We have a recommended list of flavours which are tried and proven to taste great. When requesting a quote we’ll send a flavour list.

Don’t worry if lots of your guests are driving. Despite having real alcohol poured straight from the bottle, you would have to eat A LOT of ice cream to feel any effects. Despite impressive attempts from guests, no one’s succeeded in getting drunk (yet!).


Can you work with our venue or event organiser?

We’ve worked with the best venues and event organisers across the country and we know what the highest standards of work demand. We pride ourselves on providing the best service and that includes working with your contacts to make the event go as smoothly as possible.

We’ve had really kind words from a range of organisers and co-ordinators who have said its been a real pleasure working with us. There’s always surprises popping up during a busy event but there’s been nothing that we haven’t overcome.

Rest assured you’ll get a professional service from skilled and knowledgable people who have been in the industry for years.

Do you have electricity or water requirements? What’s the size of your set up?

There are a few important things we need from you and the venue to ensure we can serve our tasty ice cream rolls;

– We require easy, level access for the equipment and staff to the serving location. Level access means no stairs, as the ice cream cart and other equipment cannot go up and down stairs. If we are not serving on the ground floor, a suitably sized service lift which can carry our equipment must be accessible. If you think this is an issue, get in touch and also speak to the venue who will let you know of any accessibility issues.

– Electricity – Just a normal household plug will do. If your venue is asking for specifics, we require “2kw from a standard 240v 3-pin plug”.

– It is a part of our T&C’s that the client is responsible for ensuring there are hand washing facilities at the venue for us, as that is a legal requirement when serving food. We also require shelter when the weather demands it. We have parasols but they’re not suitable for wet weather.

– We can squeeze into a small space, or spread ourselves out to create a comfortable, fun and immersive experience. You can have as little as just the ice cream cart and topping station, or you can add on our parasols and deck chairs to create a larger space. Click here to see our space requirements.

– We require parking for our vehicle. Any vehicle costs (such as parking, London Congestion Charge etc.) needs to be covered by yourself.

– Please check out our full Terms & Conditions here so you know exactly what your obligations are.

How does it all work on the day?

Your special event will be busy with different caterers, photographers and guests pulling you in every direction. There’s no need to worry about us as it couldn’t be easier. We ensure our set up and break down is smooth, quiet and seamless. We’ll work with any co-ordinators you have so you can get on and enjoy your day.

We usually arrive around 1.5 hours before the agreed serving time. This gives us plenty of time to unload, roll into position, put everything out and plug ourselves in. In reality, we can be set up and ready to roll in 25mins from arriving.

We can arrive earlier and do the set up well before the serving time so there is no one disturbing the space if you plan to use it during the day.

It does help if you have a floor plan, timing schedule or other instructions available. That way we do everything really quickly. But if you’d like to wait for us to arrive so you can see how it all fits on the day, that’s never a problem. We can move easily if you have a sudden change of plan, or if we need to go from outside to indoors if those pesky clouds aren’t behaving.

We require level access from the unloading bay to the serving location. This means we can’t go up and down stairs, so service lifts are required if we’re on a different floor.

It’s part of our T&C’s that a parking space is available to us. If there are any travel fees like the Congestion Charge in London, or there’s a cost for a paid for parking space, these will be passed on to the customer.

If there is anything else you’d like us to do for you, we’re confident we can satisfy all your needs.

What are you doing to help the environment?

We want to serve the best ice cream rolls with as little environmental impact as possible, we take it really seriously! That’s why everything we do has been carefully designed to be environmentally friendly.

Our ice cream tubs are recyclable and our ice cream spoons are completely compostable! Our van has the Euro 6.2 emission standard (the best there is). Even our rolled ice cream machines use the most environmentally friendly refrigeration gas available.

No one else is doing as much as us to ensure the only guilt you feel is from devouring too much ice cream!