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Frew & Co make incredible hand-crafted ice cream rolls for guests at events all over the UK

People watch in amazement as their ice cream freezes instantly in front of them, rolled up and served. We can attend your next event, making it unforgettable.

It’s the freshest ice cream your guests will ever experience and it’s absolutely delicious. The menu is completely customisable, making it a totally bespoke event.

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All booked events include unlimited ice cream and use of the deckchairs and parasols for the agreed serving time.

See what our clients say

We’re so happy that we chose you. Everything was done excellently and everyone said how nice everything was. Thanks for being part of our day!

Aaron K.

Its so fun to watch! We would all stare at the ice cream being made whilst eating our own. So much fun, thank you!

Thilanka R.

The kids loved adding their own sprinkles and toppings, definitely the best hit of the evening

Yvonne M.

Hands down the most entertaining part of the catering at the wedding. We went back for more so many times, thank you so much!

Thomas O.

Such a novel concept, I haven’t seen anything like it!

Rosemary J.

Honestly it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had

Sharon K.

Frew & co came to my sister's wedding this weekend! The ice cream was a massive hit and everyone we're talking about it, kids we're amazed to! Thankyou

Ace S.

"Delicious" I scream, about Frew & Co Ice Cream

Luke M.

Great way to do ice-cream and a real treat. Reese's Pieces is an absolute winner.

Michael A.

Fantastic ice cream, made right in front of you! Frew is a smiley, friendly bloke with a great sense of humour - who not only made me some amazing ferrero rocher & baileys ice cream, but also let me make my own - safe to say I completely failed! Can't wait for my next one! Top ice cream made by an absolute top bloke!

Dev R.

Amazing rolled ice cream from frewandco

Sophie K

@FrewAndCo by far the best ice cream ever ????it was beautiful

Amelia K.

I had the most delicious Bailey’s Ferrero Rocher and Nutella ice cream by @FrewAndCo at @yelp ice cream festival!

Miss B.

Delightful day @Countryfilelive, highlight @FrewAndCo in the sun

Juelz K

Some of the best ice cream I’ve tasted from @frewandco at @ideal_home_show last month, really cool concept.


Perfect For Weddings! Andy made our day go with a boom and we can’t thank him enough! Worked brilliantly with the venue and the designs of the machines and setup were perfect - Thanks again!

Dave H.

We hired Frew and Co for our wedding at the Hilton, Paddington and it was by far the most popular thing of the evening. Thank you for being a part of it!

Mohammed A.

Frew & Co are the premium rolled ice cream brand in the UK

We bring captivating entertainment and delicious ice cream rolls to every corner of the country. Since 2016, we have brought the concept of rolled ice cream to the forefront of event planning, making it one of the biggest requests by event organisers and clients. Find out below how we can make your day unforgettable.

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