How does it all work on the day?

How does it all work on the day?

Your special event will be busy with different caterers, photographers and guests pulling you in every direction. There’s no need to worry about us as it couldn’t be easier. We ensure our set up and break down is smooth, quiet and seamless. We’ll work with any co-ordinators you have so you can get on and enjoy your day.

We usually arrive around 1.5 hours before the agreed serving time. This gives us plenty of time to unload, roll into position, put everything out and plug ourselves in. In reality, we can be set up and ready to roll in 25mins from arriving.

We can arrive earlier and do the set up well before the serving time so there is no one disturbing the space if you plan to use it during the day.

It does help if you have a floor plan, timing schedule or other instructions available. That way we do everything really quickly. But if you’d like to wait for us to arrive so you can see how it all fits on the day, that’s never a problem. We can move easily if you have a sudden change of plan, or if we need to go from outside to indoors if those pesky clouds aren’t behaving.

We require level access from the unloading bay to the serving location. This means we can’t go up and down stairs, so service lifts are required if we’re on a different floor.

It’s part of our T&C’s that a parking space is available to us. If there are any travel fees like the Congestion Charge in London, or there’s a cost for a paid for parking space, these will be passed on to the customer.

If there is anything else you’d like us to do for you, we’re confident we can satisfy all your needs.